I see you found this. Well, you didn't type it in right. It's just "transgender", no "a".
Cis 1 : Hey, man! I just saw a transgender!
Cis 2 : Not cool man! It's just "transgender".

Cis 1 : Oh, sorry! I understand! I probably shouldn't out them as transgender either..
Cis 2 : It's okay! I won't attack them!
by EmoSnekBoi October 6, 2020
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Person 1: Are you transgendered?
Person 2: You mean transgender?
Person 1: ...Wait, THAT’S how you say it? Oh.
by nlolhere July 14, 2020
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a word that doesn't exist, that is 9 times out of 10 used by a conservative who doesn't realize that transgender is already an adjective, although sometimes used by allies who don't know the terminology either
person 1: oh you're transgendered?
person 2: transgendered isn't a word, but yes I'm trans
by creepereaperXD October 24, 2019
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The country where all the cute girls and boys come from
Bethany/Anthony: What is this country and why do all the cute boys/girls come from there 🏳️ ⚧️
(this is the transgender flag)
by transfem™ April 4, 2023
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Dinosaur A : Someone told me that Manidens guy used to be a womanidens
Dinosaur B : Be quiet, he's transgender, he might shapeshift into your mom and kill you
Dinosaur A : Oh.
by 10,11 Buff Cat Dilf June 19, 2022
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Transgender is an umbrella term for people who don't identify with the sex they were assigned at birth
She is transgender, which means she was born a male but is really a female

Urban Dictionary apparently has a lot of transphobes
by yourlocaltransprince January 20, 2019
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