A first name. This name was made popular by Doug McClure of "The Virginian". The name is also specifically given to niggas that be big pimpin.
You in trouble boy? Yeah, it comes with the name, Trampas.
by T - Diz February 5, 2009
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Flip language defining Tampa Florida. A daywalker is called a Trampon.
That Fauxbo lives in Trampa.
by botti April 30, 2006
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The name for for an elderly man (Usually a grandfather) who actively sleeps with many people incredibly often. Often under the impression that he is "More experienced".
John: After my mom died, my dad started screwing everything that wasn't nailed down.

Steve: What a Trampa.
by Suadepotato February 9, 2018
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Due to the influx of indiscriminate young sexually active women in the city of Tampa Bay it thus has been awarded this name.
Doug: Man I need to feel some lovin'

Kevin: Yes! lets head south to Trampa Bay!
by Todd Anthony L. November 11, 2008
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The female and Mexican counterpart of a shouldn't-be-that-famous US president that makes walls preventing Texan, Arizonan, New Mexican and Californian immigrants from going into Mexico, promising that she will somehow make Americans pay for it all.
Donalda Trampas probably exists, but also will almost surely not be a Mexican president any time soon, so don't worry.
by Smith dux Wurd August 1, 2017
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someone that has no purpose in this world; a freeloader, a guy that has a girl with a penis; can't dress,wears fake cloths; doesnt shave,smells like menthol all the time,is straight up ugly;never stunts
Josue es el saco 'e trampa mas grande que aye! fumate un guevo chupamedia
by ramon el hebo de tu novia March 11, 2008
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