phrase that describes a heterosexual man's ability to maintain relationships with multiple simultaneous girlfriends; such relationships are sexual in nature
Every true player got at least 3 women: his girlfriend, his mistress, and his bitch. He needs his girlfriend for sex on a regular basis, his mistress for oral sex without reciprocity,and his bitch for the shit that the girlfriend and mistress WON'T do! That's big pimipin!
by Da Nastee One May 28, 2004
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the adj. for big pimp

doin' shit right, holdin' it down

pullin' tons of chicks
yo, I was big pimpin' at The Doodlelast night, met a hottie suasian chick
by big pimp November 21, 2003
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Kevin is big pimpin because he is a wizard.
by Anonymous October 13, 2002
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Coined by the infamous DJ Synthesis, the phrase describes the ability to effortlessly acquire and maintain the presence of several attractive females simultaneously.
by Anonymous May 21, 2003
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When someone has a lot of flashy and expensive posessions and flaunts them and displays them in such a manner where they want others to envy.
A rich guy has 5 diamond rings and 2 gold necklaces, and makes a point of showing them to you and flashing them in your face. Like someone would say

"Ray is big pimpin', look at his gold bling and brand new car!"
by CutiefromKilleen December 18, 2007
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To live in large and in excess. An extreme of pimpin'.
Woman: Ooh, you know i'm really digging that new Rolex. And those Armani jeans..

Man: Yeah, I'm big pimpin' now!
by Linguistics December 14, 2007
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