Josue, A nice name out of the bible. They are usually nice and caring but will change their moods when the wrong person comes around them. They are usually unbothered and will focus more on getting money than drama. They are really attractive and fun to date but you can’t forget that this is a name for someone that is truly freaky in the bed. They will give you the world and much more.
Josue is so attractive and rich how?
by SuvyyyyyY November 23, 2021
A tall Dark skinned young man with a long penis
There’s Josue…., and that long dick
by Lickylicklick November 24, 2021
Josue is a handsome young man. Skinny with a big dick. Can pull any girl he wants. But he doesn’t want to. He’s relatively shy and doesn’t have many friends. Josue’s are introverts. But once you get to know a Josue he’s very funny.
by Harvardman69 November 23, 2021
A guy who is the most beautiful, gorgeous, stunning abs most handsome man in the entire universe. A guy wh Will make you laugh at the worst jokes and make you smile when there’s nothing to be happy about. Someone you can truly open and honest with. The most wonderful caring kind beautiful person to ever exist. If you have a josue in your life just know that you have a little angel by your side!!
Omg is that your boyfriend

Hell yea bitch that’s josue!!
by February 9, 2022
Josue is a prefect person who is very attractive and nice.
Josue is so hot!, Josue has helped me thru so much!
by Secret Boy el November 28, 2021
Josue is a guy who will turn out to be one of your best friends. He may be shy at first, but once you get him to talk he won't shut up. He's really funny and when you're around him you can't stop smiling. He'll be there for you no matter what and will probably be the person you trust the most.
Wow, he's really funny! He must be a josue
by Anonymous133587974$76_ November 22, 2021