(In an informal sense)

a member of an online group of millennials and gen-z’s that aim to revive the initial cultural ideas, philosophical foundations, and ancestral beliefs of Western civilization.

I.e. the belief in God/gods, gender roles, and the idea that ‘life calls for responsibility’.
They generally oppose secular modern beliefs.
“She says she’d like to be a stay at home mom one day and have her husband provide for the family.”

“That’s because she is a traditionalist.”
by Ardenfaraway532 March 18, 2020
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A traditionalist catholic is a member of the roman rite of the Catholic church that believes the second Vatican council had unintended consciences and preferers a liturgy from pre Vatican ll usually the Tridentine mass also known as the Latin mass they also have conservative views on women's role homosexuality abortion and contraception
My friend went to a Latin mass on Sunday because he is a based Traditionalist Catholic
by Based tradCath zoomer July 16, 2022
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Traditionalist Nationalism is an ideology that follows the ideals of Traditionalism and Nationalism
Wow you follow Traditionalist Nationalism?
Yea it's pretty cool
by Real Metal Crusader July 15, 2021
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Unites archeo-futurism, technological primitivism (accelerationism), and anarcho-primitivism into a meta-specific paradigm.

Meta-representation of fascism uniting the left and right spectra of supramodernism.
Traditionalist primitivism unites the materialist right with the material left in a meta-representational paradigm.
by sandrashine September 12, 2018
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1. Contrary to popular belief, it was not the faith Jesus taught, but started by St. Augustine.

2. The most filthy form of Christianity. They believe that anyone who does not follow them is doomed to eternal hell.

3. People who can sure dish out insults against any other people who do not think like them, but God forbid if anyone says anything bad about their cult, they get all mad.

4. Hypocracy at its best. They dont treat other kindly, but take time to make sure they follow the rules their church sets out.

5. People who cannot be reasoned with. Not only that, but their reasoning is really messed up.

6. Make bible matters more complicated by their church regulated theology.
Traditionalist Christianity

On Yahoo Answers, some bitch got all nasty with someone about having trouble accepting some Church belief that Animals not going to heaven, but then at the same time started freaking about how to properly dispose of some palms.

On Youtube, the Christian Universalist theologian L. Ray Smith exposes Bill Weises book "23 minutes in hell", and does a good job at exposing all the flaws. However some fundies go off commenting the video calling him arrogant. Really, the only thing arrogant I see is those fundies believe that anyone who does not believe as them is going to hell.

They fight about some of the stupidest stuff. There are people in the street starving, animals and children being abused, rainforests being destroyed, and serial killers on the loose, and they are fighting over stupid shit, like woman not being housewives, gays having relationships, teaching evolution at schools, rock and roll and lack of TV censorship. F them, they know nothing.
by Jerry1341 May 15, 2010
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1. One who is part of a hardline protestant splinter group of Catholicism that overvalues the parts of the religion that most Catholics try to downplay. The Traditionalist breed value arrogance and exclusion and are schismatic and heretical. Their break with the Church is over Vatican II, an infallible ecumenical council. Through convoluted arguments, Traditionalists convince themselves that they can deny Vatican II's validity and still maintain communion with the broader church. They utilize many technicalities in their arguments to hide their abject rejection of the council.

They attend valid masses (usually Tridentine) and even participate in Holy Communion, unknowingly disrespecting God and the true Church all the while.

Traditionalist "Catholics" tend to have delusions of grandeur and overly high opinions of themselves. They are also the type of people who don't function well without a strong authority figure in their lives. Their protestant religion gives them the greatest authority figure of all: a vengeful God for whom mercy is a luxury gift reserved for the Traditionalist faithful alone.

Real Catholics feel kind of bad for Traditionalists, because Traditionalists act as if they are the true believers, and live life oblivious to the inherent heresy at the core of their beliefs.

2. Assholism
1. Mark is a Traditionalist Catholic


Mark believes that the Catechism from the early 1900s is better than today's Catechism. Mark is also not very smart.

2. Mark is a Traditionalist Catholic


Mark is an asshole
by CatholicOneder February 16, 2012
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According to Shannon O'Leary of Seattle Magazine, people who live along 24th Street in occupied Ballard and hang out in Yarn shops are indie traditionalists.
Hello. I'm an indie traditionalist. Can I have some yarn please?
by Walter Agony March 5, 2011
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