A mother that stays at her home during the day. Unemployed, usually with the husband supporting the family.

The main reason for being a stay-at-home mom is to raise children better.

see also: soccer mom.
Brent's mom is a stay at home mom, she makes awesome cookies for us sometimes!
by keith April 7, 2004
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A woman who is capable of taking on children, home and husband.
She is a strong woman who can handle anything that comes her way.
Going to work outside of the house, then coming home to children and chores is hard (I've done it), but honey, let me tell you, staying home with children 24/7, never being able to socialize with other adults without any children around is MUCH more exuasting.
Working outside of the house does Not equal to 3 full-time jobs, it equals to 1 full-time and 1 part-time. By the time you get home to the "part-time job", you welcome the screaming of your little ones and singing sesame street songs, because you havn't heard it ALL DAY LONG!!
Most stay at home moms aren't rich. Sometimes it's cheaper to stay home than to pay for daycare.
Most (including myself) prefer to know that what the children are learning is coming from you, not daycare workers, or the "rude kid" at daycare.
These are crucial years, and they are lerning everything from scratch...best to be learning from mom.
Timmy's mom stays home with him all day. She's a stay at home mom.
by Ara April 12, 2005
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An unemployed woman who probably went to college (for no reason). She takes care of her house and the kids (who've probably never met their dad ) and thinks her job is one of the toughest ones in the world, because in her world, women don't work outside of the home. She thinks her children are precious angels who deserve only the best from the world.
Stay at home Mom: Waaaaaaaaaaah! You were ten minutes late from picking up my child from school, they're scarred for life! How dare you??

Normal Mom: ....Umm....
by Child94 September 13, 2007
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This term is commonly used on facebook to indicate that you are a baby momma on welfare with at least one, but more likely, multiple children born out of wedlock with each child by a different baby daddy. The baby daddies are typically criminals and drug addicts. These women use the term in an attempt to elevate their status, but most people see through the ruse and know they are nothing but lazy, uneducated, drug addled hoochies.
Susan: Did you see Tiffany's facebook page? It says her employment status is a stay at home mom.
Bill: Really? Last I heard, she was staying with her dealer a few blocks down. She must have gotten knocked up again. I'm surprised child protective services hasn't taken her kids away yet. When they do, she will really be hurting from losing all those welfare benefits.
by Miner'sCanary June 18, 2015
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A mom who has given up any chance at a career of her own to take care of and raise her kids.
My mom was a stay-at-home mom and raised 5 kids while my dad worked incredibly long hours to support the family. She's a lot less boring (and a LOT less naive)since we all left home and she started working...
by fishgirl July 13, 2006
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A popular shot taken by stay at home mothers and cougars to get through the day/night. The shot includes a handful of Vicodin or Percoset washed down by a cannonball chug of Chardonnay or other boxed wine varietals.
April always wondered what her mother did all day. Until she came home early from school to find her mother and a full set of cougars taking Stay At Home Mom Bombs in the living room.
by Geo_ox July 9, 2010
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