an intense new drug that was discovered this weekend by a certain cool cat. m.e.m was the first person to try it and as such is cool. dreams and hallucinations are common.
dude i just did liturgy this weekend and it was sweet.
by Brad Stillman April 09, 2006
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1. The act of performance/reading of a liturgy, a predetermined or prescribed set of rituals, usually as part of a religious institution. An official action that takes placed during worship service of the Christian church.

2. What a liturgist does: the reading from/of a prescribed form or set of forms for public religious worship.
Proud of how good their son's liturgying at the church service that morning was, Bob and Kay took him out to his favorite restaurant for lunch.
by bebuchanan January 01, 2010
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Homosexual man (in most cases) who has an inordinate facination with religious ritual, music, or visual art. Frequently prefers gaudy or overtly dramatic modes of religious expression.
This just cannot be! The vestments aren't matching! and polyester! horrors ...
by ignor November 06, 2003
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You get up on a Sunday morning, take a shower, dress, then head out of the house. Your family is very sure that you are a good boy, heading out to go to church. Instead of attending church services, however, you go to K-Mart and spend just the appropriate amount of time there browsing merchandise so upon your return, your ruse is very convincing.
Frank's parents think he is such a good boy but we know the truth. He did a K-Mart Liturgy and bought condoms.
by Frank Klaune January 24, 2005
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