A condition that causes obsession with cats, usually caused by inhaling cat litter dust
Allegra has strong symptoms of toxis, she thinks having cats are equivalent to having kids.
by IcedBlackCoffee July 10, 2022
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When somebody is being toxic, and salty at the exact same time. It is usually used when someone is getting toxic, which will morph into salt, or even both.
Person A is playing a game, when Person B joins and starts insulting and slandering Person A. Person A takes a calm approach, making Person B angry.

Person B: *Joins* “You’re just a lowlife with nothing left in this world you dumb fuck.”
Person A: “Oh. That’s fine.”
Person B: “Dude- stop-“
Person A: “I’m really not doing anything. You’re just being a toxy.”
by Auraura~ September 20, 2019
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A femboy who tries to deny they're gay yet everyone knows that are
by Fanciest Man November 15, 2022
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To become intoxicated through the consumption of alcohol.
Simon got kicked out of the club because the bouncer told him he was too toxi.

Daniel got too toxi at the party last weekend.
by Fred Hammerson November 20, 2007
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To be intoxicated, drunk, obliterated, fucked up, etc.
Damn dude, I'm so toxied I can't even see straight..
by RoyalFlyer July 10, 2013
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Toxie is known for being funny and having a large penis who attractes a lot of females
Damn Toxie is daddy
by ;;;;;;;;;;;; June 16, 2019
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Somone who often forces a naval craft into a land mass.
by Dak October 27, 2004
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