A person who goes through every length to make another person feel bad about themselves and make it seem like they are the person who is better.

Toxic people are mostly active online, but can also be found in real life.

Toxic is also a fitting word for their behavior, because toxic behavior can also spread from person to person.
Toxic Player: Get fucking destroyed kid, you're absolutely trash.

Regular Player: Wow, you really are a Toxic Person.

Toxic Player: You're so salty.

Regular Player: Yea, whatever.
*Leaves game*


Random Player: Stop being toxic. It's just a game.

Toxic Player: Shut the fuck up and get good, kid.
by ThisIsntFine December 15, 2019
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Someone who will try to make another feel bad about themselves, to make it seem like the toxic one is the better one.
You find these "people" in Fortnite a lot, but you can find them in a lot of other games and in real life. Little kids, spoiled 14 year olds, men that live in their mother's basement.
Toxic one: wow ur so fuking trash att this game you're opinion sux!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!11!!!!

Sane player: Uhhhhh... Alright? It's just a game, and you're not the one losing too.


Sane player: Ironic. I have other things to do than this. Goodbye.


Other normal player: You know, he's right, it's just a game, you don't have to be toxic?

Toxic player: noOb U DoNt undErstan HoW FUCCING AWESUM I AM AT DIS GAME GET GOOD

Every player: *leaves*

*Behind the screen*

Toxic player revealed as a 9 year old kid: MOM I MADE EVERY SINGL FUKING PERSON IN THE GAIM LEAV THAY WER SO BAD!!!!!!!1111111!!!!!!111!!!!!

The mother: *Can't even hear what he's saying anymore*

toxic person
by CC-8826 August 19, 2022
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Her: “Cam is such a toxic person.”
Me: “he’s a Scorpio that’s why.”
by JadaH0110W4Y October 19, 2021
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being a toxic person
life intoxicates us,

wrong people,

tragic circumstances,

so many reasons behind it.

So when you meet a toxic person
and care about them,
go against your instincts,
and do not run away.

if you are strong enough,
please stay,
try for them,

if you’d like someone else
to try for you as well.

If you are strong enough,
please stay,
maybe you can still do that
and protect yourself.

I do not want a toxic person
to bring you down,

so if you think they can affect you,

I respect the need for distance,

I respect that.

But I believe,

at times,
our strength amazes us
specially when it comes

to the people we love.

A toxic person
is a person
who was not toxic once.

and maybe all they need
is someone who sees beyond
who they appear to be now,

someone who sees a survivor
beyond the fumes.

Staying may not help them
but leaving them, definitely won’t.

Sometimes all it takes
is a heart to lead the way
so that you can be brave enough
to stick around when things get tough,

and when they have lost complete sight
of what was ever right
be the mirror
the clarity and the peace

where they can find
the last trace of hope
in themselves,

and in life itself.

The worst thing you can do
is give up on someone
who’s given up on itself.


staying may not help,

but leaving definitely won’t.

A toxic person
is a person
who was not( toxic) once.
He wasn't a toxic person but she didn't know how to deal with her tragic circumstances, so she became one to avoid being hurt.
by wordyaam October 12, 2017
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A really nice person that is so caring and will always go out of their way to do the rest good
He helped me clean my room he’s such a toxic person
by Garethmcdingleberries November 2, 2020
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A person who is so nice and puts everyone infront of them to make the world a better place
by Garethmcdingleberries November 2, 2020
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Something that us part of your personality but its bad
my toxic personality trait is that i enjoy leading people on
by frankgallaghersdeadliver December 7, 2020
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