To be "towy" is to be in a disagreeable mood, with a chip on one's shoulder. When someone is "towy" they are looking for a fight, wanting to argue, in a bad mood wanting to take it out on others.
Guy #1: Have you talked to Sally tonight? She almost bit my had off. She is in a very towy mood.

Guy #2: She's always towy, especially during her period.
by DallasDeckard July 24, 2008
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a synonym which broadly means "I am a shallow cunt with no ideas of my own and base my personality on reality TV because I think it makes me look cool in front of all my fellow bell-ends. "
Paul:"I've been paid today - reem!"

Mike: "knock that TOWIE crap off, before I go round and reem your mum"
by kidvicious April 6, 2015
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The Only Way Is Essex (popularly abbreviated to 'TOWIE'):

An unbearably awful television programme, comparable to the crusty wank-stains on the knickers of your grandma's urine-soaked, faecal-filled incontinence pants. The show also consists of fake, orange, talentless chav 'actors' who are severely mentally retarded, and the only kindness humanity can show them is by shooting them in the head, thus purging the World of their existence.

I watched TOWIE last night. No amount of therapy will make what I saw, ok.
by ZombionMook September 25, 2011
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girl1: hey, what you up to?
girl2: nm, just watching TOWIE
by ILOVE___. April 5, 2011
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Someone who loves 'The Only Way Is Essex'. Usually a dumb girl trying to copy slightly famous dumber girls to become a braindead schlag. Some say the best kind of girl..
That girl is a massive TOWIE! your cue to go get in her.
by JonnyEssex April 22, 2011
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Chair Lift operators at ski resorts.
Especially the superior Australian resorts such as Falls Creek.
Excuse me, but may I ask what you're called?
We're Towies.
Are you ever referred to as Lifties?
Sometimes, but only by idiots.
by Ro Fubuki July 20, 2009
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Same as a towel; i.e a pothead.

Also character from South Park who is a towel, and from whom the slang term is derived.
Dude you're allways high, you're such a towie.
by Apfelstrudel October 16, 2006
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