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Land O Goshen is a Southern expression of amazement or frustration. The Land of Goshen is a place referred to two times in the Bible, once as a province of Egypt (in the time of Joseph) and another time as a Canaanite land renamed Goshen in the book of Joshua. After Moses led the Jews out of Egypt (Goshen) and Joshua finally led them into Canann, they named a portion of the Promised Land, Goshen. This may be why the phrase is used as an exclamation of amazement and frustration, as the Land of Goshen was the place of the Israelites bondage, and later a place in the Promised Land.
1. Land O Goshen, I just saw a shooting star!
2. Land O Goshen, if I have to tell you to close that front door again I'm gonna tan your hide, boy!
3. Land O Goshen, that apple pie is the tastiest I ever et, Ma!
by DallasDeckard January 26, 2011
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"Outta joint" is a Southern phrase meaning "angry", "upset", "worked up", "frustrated" or a time whens someone is not acting normally because they are upset.
1. Boy, when Gramps gets head up his nose gets plumb outta joint.
2. After I told my mom I got an F in English, she got completely outta joint.
3. I can't go out tonight, I said a cuss word and my dad is all outta joint.
by DallasDeckard January 27, 2011
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When someone gets their "nose out of joint" or their "nose is all out of joint" it means they are upset, pissed off or holding a grudge. It means the same as being "besides oneself".
1. When Jim told that sexist joke, Annie got her nose out of joint.
2. Jim told his mom to kiss his butt and now her nose is out of joint.
3. Tony got his nose all out of joint after someone said he smelled like B.O.
by DallasDeckard January 27, 2011
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When someone is "head up" they are angry or frustrated. It is mostly a Southern saying. You can hear it being said in The Rescuers film and other movies with Southern people.
When Gramps gets head up, his nose gets plumb outta joint
by DallasDeckard February 22, 2011
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Goodness gracious is an exclamation of excitement, surprise or frustration. It is a Southern term used primarily as a substitute for cursing, and as such it is a minced oath. Sweet little old ladies use this term a lot.
1. Goodness gracious, Tommy, clean up that room!
2. Goodness gracious, if you don't just look beautiful today, honey!
3. Goodness gracious, I have gas today something fierce.
by DallasDeckard January 26, 2011
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A Bunny Boiler refers to the movie Fatal Attraction where Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) boils the family pet, a bunny, of Dan Gallagher's (Michael Douglas) family in retaliation for him rejecting her.

A Bunny Boiler is always a woman. Men are referred by other terms, but the term Bunny Boiler is used only for women.
Guy A: Dude, there is a broad staring at you like she wants to cut your head off.

Guy B: Oh man, that chick is a trip. I tapped that once and now she thinks we're married or something.

Guy A: How bad is it? Is she a Bunny Boiler?

Guy B: Yeah, she may be. This one is a psycho hose beast. I don't have any pets, but if I did I'm sure they'd be part of a stew right now.

Guy A: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
by DallasDeckard May 17, 2009
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To be "towy" is to be in a disagreeable mood, with a chip on one's shoulder. When someone is "towy" they are looking for a fight, wanting to argue, in a bad mood wanting to take it out on others.
Guy #1: Have you talked to Sally tonight? She almost bit my had off. She is in a very towy mood.

Guy #2: She's always towy, especially during her period.
by DallasDeckard July 24, 2008
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