To trash a musical instrument, most commonly a guitar, in a moment of passion. Takes its name from The Who's lead guitarist Pete Townshend.
That dude totally Townshended his guitar after that awesome show!
by Izzy D January 25, 2008
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a cranky delusional English teacher with corn pops that likes to inspire kids to follow their dreams while ruining their lives one step at a time.
Note: Townshend needs to get a man. Period.
by bananaslugsryellowii June 26, 2009
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V., int. Getting caught looking at kiddie porn.
Guy at work was townshended and fired.
by FSAD January 13, 2008
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The greatest mind Rock has ever seen.
Listen to the album 'Quadrophenia' and try to dispute that definition.
by Steve December 12, 2003
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The Main Character and protagonist in Silent Hill 4: The Room. Henry is a calm, young man who never lets his feelings show. Henry moved into into Room 302 in an apartment complex called South Ashfield Heights, located in the medium sized city of Ashfield, which is about half a day's drive away from Silent Hill. Henry soon had nightmares and developed headaches, soon noticing that he has been locked inside of his apartment room for five days. Suddenly a large hole appears in his bathroom, and as the game progresses, get's larger. With no reason or warning, he is dragged into the depths of terror.
Person one: Dude, have you seen Jack?

Person two: No man, not at all. He's been shut in his room for days. Playing video games I expect.

Person one: Damn, what a Henry Townshend.
by Red Pyramid Thing June 14, 2011
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Best guitarist the world has ever seen. Guitarist/Singer of Legendary rock band, The Who. Famed for writing the worlds two greatest rock operas, Tommy and Quadrophenia.
Known for his aggresive treatment of the guitar, feedback and power-chord style.
Limp Bizcut- I wish i could write like Pete Townshend can. Then i would have hits.

Unknown person- Wow, hold up man. Why dont you just cover his songs and slaughter them to pieces?
by {J}{U}{S}{T}{I}{N} July 11, 2008
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When one is provied with one of those irresistible opportunities to render a spank to someone's behind, and, instead of going for the standard slap, one instead assumes a rock 'n roll stance (feet at least shoulder width apart, shoulders loose), makes an air guitar (with the neck and headstock pointing toward the waiting booty) and in classic Pete Townshend style, performes a windmill manuver culminating in a handful of ass. Shouting YEEEEAAAHHH afterwards is appropriate at one's own discretion.
Cute Girl is bending over, selecting a DVD from the shelf.

Her Boyfriend approaches and assumes a rock 'n roll stance, air guitar at ther ready and says to his Bro, "Dude say Townshend Spank."

Bro replies, "Townshend Spank?"

Boyfriend executes wicked windmill and connects!

Cute Girl is equal parts appaled and impressed.
by Vicente Alvarez October 24, 2010
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