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As before: "Rubber, or sheepskin cover for the penis during Sexual Intercourse So that no seminal fluid may enter the vagina"

They also serve well as water-bombs.
by gribble February 2, 2003
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whatever the hell you want it to mean, as long as it has nothing to do with fizzles or the vagina for that matter
Well my fi (friend) Mike got so fi (pissed) the other fi (night) that he stripped naked and we all said "holy fi (shit)! he's got a lil fizzle!"
by gribble February 2, 2003
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Another name for a micro-penis. EXTREMELY small penis.
Come over here baby and let me put my pencil tip between those thighs.

My pencil tip wants to dip into your lagoon.

Please don’t pinch my pencil tip, you might rip the whole thing off.
by gribble October 26, 2018
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"hey! where's your bi-hatch today?"
by gribble February 2, 2003
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A curse word originated from Africa that has a transition of “Anal Blood Clot

Bombo- “Anal Blood”

Clat- “Clot”
You are a fucking Bomboclot!!

I pooped out a bomboclat today.
by gribble February 25, 2018
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1.) A more interesting way of saying Hello, which also sounds slightly German.

2.) A remote non-existent country, sparsely populated by hobbits and donkeys.
1.) "hey"

2.)And Marko Baggins, a long lost relative of Bilbo and Frodo went off to live with his girlfriend Tulula Wentworth and her herd of donkeys in Helloffenstein.
by gribble February 2, 2003
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