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As before: "Rubber, or sheepskin cover for the penis during Sexual Intercourse So that no seminal fluid may enter the vagina"

They also serve well as water-bombs.
by gribble February 02, 2003

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An exclamation made famous by Dale Gribble in the cartoon "King of the Hill." Used to express an unforseen windfall or streak of good fortune.
Wingo! I just won a hot tub!
by Gribble June 18, 2003

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any living thing, not to be confused with orgasm
by gribble February 01, 2003

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Uncultured, immature people who have nothing better to do than go out and get smashed at the weekend. Often seen around the town centre wearing track suits or dressed like the town sluts.
Was out on Friday night and as usual there was a whole loada townies around.
by gribble February 09, 2003

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A massively multiplayer online simulation. Set in half scale Europe (so far only Belgium, Luxembourg, northern France, southern Netherlands, western Germany and south-eastern England have had towns and cities modelled in) in 1940, you can choose to play as Germany, England or France, in their respective Navy, Air Force, or Army.

Every piece of equipment is modelled historically and accurately, meaning no hitpoint vehicles (like in Battlefield 1942... throwing a nade at a Panzer IV doesn't do anything to it, other than alert the driver that you're there). As the campaign goes on, more vehicles are "researched" and introduced into the game whilst playing, such as the Crusader tanks and Spitfire Mk V for England, lend/lease vehicles for France such as the P-38 Lightning and Sherman tank, and the Panzer IVG and Focke-Wulf 190A for Germany.

Check http://www.wwiionline.com for more info
"Damn... I just got bounced by some Run09s in World War 2 Online"
by Gribble March 22, 2005

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yokel version of guitar
"Why I fand ma gee-tar in the at-tick th'other day and there was all these ro-dants insad it, but it still works yeah"
by gribble February 01, 2003

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see bi-atch
"hey! where's your bi-hatch today?"
by gribble February 02, 2003

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