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1. For education institutions located outside of cities, a townie is a person who lives and works near the institution but is not affiliated with the school itself. These people are lowly paid and poorly educated.

2. A person who grew up in towns.
The Simpsons:
"stupid townie!"
Homer: "Hey! It's townies like me that cook your food and clean your bathrooms!"
"If you did the former better, we would use the latter less!"
Homer runs off crying
"That's it townie! Run! Run back to your town!"
by TonyZee April 13, 2009

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A player who use trainers to cheat in games. They are not "hackers", hackers are people with real skills. Trainer boys are often noobs, who use programs made by hackers in an attempt to piss other players off.

Also known as T-Kiddies
A: "There was a trainer boy in the other server so I left. I hate T-kiddies"
B: "yeah, I hate noobs too."
by TonyZee April 10, 2008

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A weak sarcastic fake surprise.
Lying in a pool of his own blood, Steve Harper says to his son, "Oh gee, I'm dying."
by TonyZee December 05, 2015

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