Tout Le Monde is a Youth Organization in Al Khor Community, Al Khor, Qatar

Its the best and kewlest organization to ever exists on the planet yet! dont care what anyone else says :D
Tout Le Monde Rocks!
We Love Tout Le Monde
by Tout le monde orgniz May 18, 2009
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french version of "anywho" "anyways" "anyhow" "anywhom" ect.
that one guy: so did you here that betty got a boob job?

the other person: wtf mate?! DE TOUTE FACON!
by durka akrad May 04, 2006
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The French phrase for "All of _____." Literllay translated, it means "the whole world." Ironic because the French think of themselves as the center of the universe, so whey they say "All the people in France," they are literally saying, "We are everyone in the entire world."
The French suck at life, tout le monde.
by Hektor Bentbrook June 29, 2005
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(pronounced "toot ah fay moot ah fay")

french for "toats mcgoats".
said to express concurrence or approval; "totally!"
by MadamemoiselleChantal April 29, 2010
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a phrase in french-slang roughly translating to 'Everyone is out on the balcony.' This is said usually referring to a woman who is displaying better than average cleavage.
I turned to my friend upon seeing kate winslet's chest in Titanic and exclaimed, "Tout le monde sur le balcon!"
by afkorn July 27, 2010
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