French phrase meaning "everyone" or "everybody".
"tout le monde, nous voulons finir l'assignation!"
translation: "Everyone, we need to complete the assignment:
by kakomu October 28, 2005
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"They're all sluts" in French. Used to point out the obvious, by frustration or for comical release.
Toutes des salopes! Sauf nosres et nos soeurs. Nos mères par respect, et nos soeurs par ignorance.

They're all sluts! Except our mothers and sisters. Our mothers from respect, and our sisters by ignorance.

"Toutes des salopes!" said Tom after he got dumped.
by soakrmk July 07, 2006
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Inadvertently announcing the insubstantial size of your penis
Tom: "I have a 3 inch penis"

Sam: "That's massive"

John: "If you think that 3 inches is massive you must be touting yourself bijou
by Revolver Ocelot September 25, 2008
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a megadethsong. also a french phrase meaning everybody.
Dude a- "hey megadeth is playing Tout Le Monde at Ozzfest!"
Dude b- "cool beans."
by buff mcduff January 05, 2006
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"we need to talk" in french. something i shout at my friends as an ironic joke.
guy1: "i think jacks gf is gonna break up with him"
guy2: *mimics girls voice* "ON DESCUTE DE TOUT"
by moldy_bellybuttons January 28, 2019
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Term used in french Louisiana used to express disapproval of someone who thinks their shit don't stink. Translated means "not all that".
Awww, shut ya' mouth. Tu e pas tout la! You aint all that!
by mattjamesreynolds October 27, 2007
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