also known as the State of Qatar, is an Arab country that is so rich it can buy itself a winning bid for the world cup 2022 even though no one knows where it is.
FIFA: wheres Qatar?

Qatar: we will pay you billions of dollars

FIFA: you win
by FIFA president December 3, 2010
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A generally small bich pretty wealthy country on the northern side of Saudi Arabia. It is not oil rich but makes most of its income in Military Base uses. Many countries use its bases due to strategic location such as the US, UK, Poland, and even its own army.
Capital: Doha
No one on the news pronounces Qatar correctly.
by JOHNSON November 11, 2003
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A small rich country in the middle-east, where all old has-been footballers go to play for extortionate amounts of money.
Gabriel Batistuta is one of many.
by thachronic04 January 13, 2005
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A small country north of the United Arab Emirates.

Simple Fact. No one pronounces Qatar correctly. (The Audio Pronounciation is _wrong_).
The locals pronounce Qatar as GAH-TER
by Craig Bass August 31, 2006
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Qatar is a small country located in the Persian Gulf, right between Dubai and Saudi Arabia. It is literally the world's richest country because it sits on the largest natural gas reserve in the world. The capital and largest city of Qatar is Doha.

People used to complain that Qatar is boring. Now its become a nice place with plenty of things to do such as museums, shopping, restaurants, plays, concerts, beaches, safaris etc. Its no longer boring like it used to be, and more and more activities are opening up each month.

Qatar is really hot, and in the summer it easily reaches 50C and unbelievable humidity. In the winter the weather is amazing though, with temperatures around 23C and mostly sunny.

Qatar has a clear vision of the country it wants to become, as it is still in the development process (as are most countries in the region). New projects such as the metro and Lusail will help it achieve that.

Qatar is relatively liberal. Women are not required to cover in any special way, and can drive, hold political office, and go to university. Alcohol and pork are permitted.
What is the world's richest country? Its Qatar!
by sunnyinqatar123 December 27, 2012
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a country in the Middle East that hosted the World Cup and is the reason why 2000 Arabs are fucking dead.
by namingrandomshitifindinthisweb November 1, 2023
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A beautiful, popular, small country located in the Middle East. A citizen is called a Qatari. Capital city is Doha. All citizens are very proud to be from there. Their main language is Arabic, but there is a large amount of fluent english speakers.

It has amazing malls, such as Villaggio and Landmark. Also, there are attractive tourist spots such as The Pearl and Katara. Aqua Park is a well-known water park in Qatar.

Fahad Al Kubaisi is a very famous Qatari singer. There are many concerts in Qatar, which consist of famous celebrities.

Qatar takes education seriously, as it offers the best schools and universities in the whole world. Qatar Foundation has Cornell university and Carnegie mellon university.
"Have you been to Villaggio?" "Yes, I loved riding the boat, located at the heart of the mall!"

"I was at the Pearl the other day, the crepes were unbelievably delicious"

"There are many intense slides at aqua park"

"Qatar is the most beautiful country i've ever been to!"

"Karak is such a tasty drink, i'll never have enough of it"
by Karak lover April 5, 2013
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