Yo brada mon hows it goin?
by Stib July 11, 2003
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A homie's response to a greeting. Often seen used by stoners and chill civilians.
Greeter - "Whaddup homie?"
Chill civilian - "Nada brada, just chillin'."

Brotha nada brada
by MollyCule June 21, 2015
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Brada is not just a word. It is a agenda.
Oh no! We will be late!
- Brada.
by vesoludiq August 16, 2019
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Used in jamaican artist in dancehall and reggae music to say:
«Brother form an other mother»
jamaican song by Beenie man - "Badda Dan Dem" 2nd verse «Unu Know BountyKilla a mi brada from a nada mada»
by zakisp February 10, 2019
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He is man of full of jokes. About 6 foot 1 and very musclar. He is "no homo" guy but everything he does and says is very homo. Gets a lot of bitches and does a lot of drugs. His favorite word is "Karlek" nobody knows what it means but it is provacative. Doesnt have bright future but will step in to it with new pair of Js. Not scared of unprotected sex and of ugly, fat and drunk bitches. If he can be anywhere in the world he would be in Davidos asshole. Nice guy overall.
Brada screams "Karlek", you know shit is about to go down.
When you see Brada, you will become gay.
by fsbovac November 21, 2021
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