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To think, and strongly believe that you know what you are talking about, when in reality you do not.

To get high level positions as a "journalist", through simply using loudmouth and irrelevant arguments.

To know nothing about politics, and yet cover it on a major news organization.

To copy Cornel West's style both in fashion and demeanor, even though Cornel West is an accredited and well respected individual, unlike Toure himself.
"Damn, man! You totally Toure'd that final presentation in Constitutional Law 101!"

"How dare you share that view on politics! Who do you think you are, Toure?!"

"Stop Toureing my style, chief."

"I only got this job cause I Toure'd my way up here."

"Having Toure cover politics on MSNBC is like having had Sarah Palin as Vice President of the United States."
by Mode Beast August 30, 2012
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