A vagina that is Wider than it is Deep. The female form of Chode/Pud (depending on which word you use for a penis that is wider than it is long - like a can of tuna)
It gets difficult going balls deep on Jessica's tostada sometimes.
by Dominic Ciccodicola January 18, 2007
The skinny nasty ass hispanic ugly female that is in the group of girls at a club.
Hey she's got glasses, bad acne, and weighs 50 pounds, but I'll still do her.
Nah man, she's a total tostada.
by icoflib June 28, 2010
The best item to order at Taco Bell. Its pretty cheap and is meatless!!! just beans, lettuce, cheese and taco sauce on a flat, corn, hard tortilla. oh yeah!!!
that tostada is really tasty!!!!
by annieWaits January 27, 2009
-There is nothing going on over here on my side of town.
-Bro, what are you up to?
-Nada Tostada Homie!
by Sel-Block July 25, 2015
The shitty new CD by Greed Day!

Top with beans and cheese - then microwave!
Then feed that shit to your dog or your enemy.
by WORST Green Day CD EVER ! ! ! September 28, 2004
Generally used when viewing porn or while your at a strip club. Refers to a woman's beaver - usually when it is a bit "meaty".
Check out that Beafy Tostada!
by Ty Webb April 10, 2003
Start off giving the girl you're fucking an Abraham Lincoln, then spread her legs open (she must be on her period.) Once you have the bitch under control, take a deuce inside of her then resume vaginal intercourse. Once you bust a nut inside of the slut, force her to expell the Yankee Tostada from inside of her clam shell then dig in.
I gave that slut Nancy Grace a Yankee Tostada, the bitch asked for seconds when she finished. Come hungry leave happy I always say...
by Vice "Husky" Versa April 15, 2011