When one hurriedly wipes after a tumultuous deuce and proceeds to scratch beneath the nose, unwittingly smearing residual traces of fecal matter tucked beneath the nails onto areas of the upper lip.
Ted was in a tizzy about getting to the One Republic concert on time after the parish sponsored Chili Dog dinner, and appears to have given himself a Nancy Grace after a rash visit to the restroom.
by TurdStevens57 July 13, 2011
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A loud, screetching woman, polluting a prime time slot on a primary news channel with national coverage. Nancy Graces are most often seen passing judgement without factual information, degrading and interupting her guests, replaying 5 min of coverage repeatedly for 60 min. referring to strangers as her "friends" and speaking at length about her troll looking twins.
My husband watches Nancy Grace every night then he wonders why I'm never "in the mood."
by swibby February 2, 2010
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When a female is being an extreme bitch. When a female is quick to jump to conclusions and blame an individual without looking at both sides of a situation.
Dude, Bobby's girlfriend was being such a Nancy Grace last night at the bar.
by mikey10toes August 25, 2010
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a person who assumes you are guilty until proven innocent! As in the duke lacrosse case. Ignorant fat stupid bitch, who upon finding out the duke players were having their charges dropped decided to cancel her show that night. she can be seen on the Communist News Network (CNN) at around 10 ah who gives a shit she is a dumb bitch dont watch her.
Nancy Grace: once we get the DNA evidence we can send these rich bastards to jail. The case hinges on DNA.
DNA Lab: there is no DNA linking the suspects to the Vicitm.
Nancy Grace: DNA evidence is not that important we can find other things to prove they did it.
by CoOL GuY12345 June 22, 2007
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The act of passing judgement on an individual or a court case involving individuals based off of incomplete, publicly available information in such a way as to sway the opinions of others.
Example: "Well a fair trial is hardly possible now, the Nancy Gracing going on right now has poisoned the jury well."
by Saladjin June 5, 2014
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Nancy Grace is an anchor for CNN. She has spent her life hunting down the "bad guys" which is the reason for her masculine behaviors. She is an extreme feminist and butch. She is passionate about her work and will not stop until justice is served. She has often been parodied as a man in many tv shows.
Hi, im nancy grace, i have a penis!
by kevin1234 April 23, 2006
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