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Some of the biggest douchebags you'll ever meet. They are about as civilized as a bunch of wild dogs and in fact if you read the story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", Lovecraft would probably be put into a coma out of fear due to how bad Torontonians are compared to the residents of Innsmouth. Common behaviour you should expect from them: cutting in front of you in line, blatantly displaying their belief that they are superior than you, giving you dirty looks for the most minor things, if you offer them a place in line they'll take it without saying a word, etc.
I'm a Torontonian myself but I can't lie to myself and say Torontonians are polite and nice people. I try to be polite whenever I can. This is literally what happened as soon as I got back from a trip in Europe at the Toronto airport: 1. I was on those moving ramps and a bit to the left (not realizing it) and some cunt of a soccer mom with TNA pants says "Slower people to the right" with her little shit of a daughter. 2. My dad offers someone a place in line and he just says "ok" without a single word of gratitude. 3. Some bitch who works there decides its okay to split up my family when checking our passports instead of having everyone together to save time.
by fuud4rejectingmy1stdefinition August 28, 2010

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