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Someone who was born and raised (not always) but most importantly lives in Toronto, Canada

The whiniest, bitchiest people in Canada. A Torontonian's main means of entertainment is bitching, usually in the letters to the editor section of the Toronto Star, about how the government isn't spending enough money on X or should be accountable for Y.
Your typical Torontonian is very opposed to firearm ownership and use, and supports the strictest of firearm regulation laws. Same goes for owning and breeding Pitbulls.

These phobias are based on what moms talk about in the schoolyard while picking up their kids, rather than actual fact.
Toronoto has the highest concentration of soccer moms in the country, a figure which is rising rapidly with the popularity of Call of Duty (which an increasing number of parents believe is polluting our society) and the Toronto FC.
What a stunning message to the women of this country when one adds this refusal to attend the Washington women’s health summit to the string of insults we have experienced over his “reign.” He doesn’t even have the grace to reply to the invitation, reportedly. It speaks volumes.

If nothing else, the rest of the world will understand that we women in Canada are facing a real battle as we detail the way the issues that are essential to women here and everywhere have been belittled and are of no importance to this PM and his government, except as a strategy to gain that Golden Fleece called a “majority.”

It’s understandable that Harper wouldn’t go to the Washington women’s health summit, aptly entitled “We Deliver.” He can’t and apparently it’s an issue for him. How else to explain?

- A typical torontonian scrutinizing Politician's every move. Chances are, that if Harper did attend this thing, she would have still found something to complain about.
by CRUNKAINTDEAD June 09, 2010

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