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About 70% of the people on this site!
A lot of the people who give definitions to this site are sickos.
by strong badian March 13, 2004

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A great, new Canadian band, liked by literate and illiterate people alike, it appears.

Led by Ben Kowalewicz and Ian D'Sa, three of the guys in the band look strangely like guys from Sum 41, but are infinetly better.
blly talint fukin rools!

And for the people who can speak English: Billy Talent are one of the best bands from my native Canada in the last 10 years.
by strong badian May 23, 2004

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Obviously, a person from Calgary, Alberta, the second- most westernly province in Canada. They're pretty damn cool people. And have a great hockey team!
The personaltiy of a Calgarian is a far cry from that of a *shudder* Torontonian
by strong badian May 29, 2004

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1.According to my buddy Sledge, cool.

2.To everyone else, a derogatory term to refer to breasts
1.Man, that powerbomb was titts!

2.I'm gonna suck your titts.
by strong badian April 12, 2004

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Kickass new Coldplay single. To be released as a cd single on May 23rd.
"Birds go flyin' at the speed of sound..."
by strong badian April 26, 2005

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An actual animal, found in Tazmania.
Wild baloney doesn't taste as good as real baloney. Mmm, mmm, newfie steak!
by strong badian May 02, 2004

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One of the most famous professional wrestlers in Japanese history, but when spelled with all capitals, a joke me and Sledge made up. JUSHIN LIGER!
Guess what? JUSHIN LIGER!
by strong badian May 19, 2004

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