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To fondle somebody, of either sex, in an innocent but rather intrusive way.
How was the party?
It was great, but whatshisface was pretty drunk and he torkelled me a few times, - it got a bit annoying.
by combobulating August 05, 2018
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To goof up or mess up; a mistake or blunder. Can be used in a short version as an explative, "tork",
"What a torkel!"
"That was a real torkel"
"Torkel!" or "Tork!" in place of a foul expletive.
An example would be to describe a missed easy shot in a soccer.
by General Squid June 17, 2010
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n. term used to describe a twisted mess; usually revolting or otherwise something one would want to avoid.
How was your friend's band last night?
It was a complete torkel. The guitarist decided to destroy the drum kit because the drummer was 1/16 off. Everybody left.
by anon122333 November 01, 2017
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