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Teodor is a smart, funny and attractive mdfk. He will be always there for you, encouraging you to do what you like and to be yourself. He has a big collection of MEMES and he's a MEME LORD so, you should respect him girl! He is a good friend, and you can count on him every time. Sometimes he talks bad about himself and he should stop because he's fab asf.

Go find yourself a Teodor!
Girl 1: Who's that fine dude ?

Girl 2: Oh, girl he's my new bf Teodor.

Girl 3: I want his meme collection.
by Bubblegum bish May 19, 2018
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A person who has the smallest penis on earth, loves all Thai transsexuals so much. A person who is really racist and a nazi, Teodors are the worst.
Omg, you are so racist, you have to be a Teodor
by Madafakker November 14, 2014
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Usually a very unaducated person that thinks its never wrong.
You didn1t calculate this right.

Shut up yes i did

You shut up you didn't even finish elementary school, you fucking Teodor
by Xx_sexyturtle_xX September 20, 2018
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Teodor is the name of a four-eyed bitch that picks up chicken bones from the ground and turns it into a collection
Jimmy : yo do you see that kid over there
Timmy : yeah what about him
Jimmy : why the fuck is he picking up chicken bones Timmy : oh thats because he is a Teodor
Jimmy : oh ok thanks bro
by Abdula Ahmed December 16, 2019
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