most beautiful girl ever.

all the boys want to date her.

oh my hear comes tor, think i should ask her out?
by Myra12341 August 23, 2008
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Probably one of the best boyfriends you could ever find on earth. Sweet, caring, knows how to make you laugh, & is one of the best people to cuddle with.

He's a nerd, but that's one of the many reasons why you'll soon fall for him. Also loves to use words like "Adowable" & "Wuvvles" and can easily quote many of his favorite movies-Another reason he's so Adowable! He also hates jeans, and will probably never wear them no matter how hard you try to make him.

His favorite song is "Accidentally in Love" by The Counting Crows. He knows all the words to the song, and often sings it in the shower. He always remembers to text goodnight, and even remembers to call when he's away from his girl over a vacation. He's a great hand holder & makes the 1sts in a relationship 1000x Awesomer.

In fact, he's the perfect guy any girl with a brain would want. <3
Tor: Goodnight my adowable awesome & amazing girlfriend. I wuvvles you!


Girlfriend: Tor is...amazing.
Girlfriend's Friend: Oh my god! You two are sooooo cute together! I wish I had a boyfriend like that! D:
by Qwerty & asdfghjkl January 07, 2012
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buy the domain for your travel blog
I lump of bolders on a mountain.

Secondary defination: The reason for living.
Me and about well 20+ people are almost certain that tors clutch toggles.
by Falcon August 29, 2003
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Abbreviation for 'Tab On Road'

Commonly used expression in South East England and Northern Europe for cigarettes smoked whilst in a moving car.

Derived from 'tab', a northern expression for cigarette and 'on road' meaning travelling on a road (in a car).
Driver: Time for a TOR

Passenger: Where's the tabs?

Driver: In the centre console, light me one.
by torivanfori June 14, 2011
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n: (1) Any person residing in New Jersey of Asian descent who has an unnatural talent for singing. (2) A Backstreet Boys member.
Did you hear Tors singing at the NJIT auditorium last night? He totally blew my mind!
by Dunbar April 30, 2005
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