An anonymizing program and browser used to access the "deep web" through .onions. A portal to a dark, hidden, and disturbing part of the net.
Guy 1: Hey, man, I was checking out the Silk Road on Tor the other day.

Guy 2: Oh yeah? Buying some LSD or something?

Guy 1: Nah man, scopolamine.
by R8T6 March 30, 2013
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The correct spelling of the Nordic god of thunder. Spelled Thor in unenlightened parts of the world.
Most of the definitions on this site show a stereotyped version of Tor, that does not represent his true literary and mythological character.
by Lill-Q December 12, 2008
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The funniest guy in the friend group. Always dies in the most hilarious ways in videogames. He's also very nice.
Tor just mollied himself. HAHA
by lingolango February 25, 2018
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A guy who is smart and has a big penis
One sexy hunk of man.

4 buckets of pure awesome rolled up into a tasty bite sized homunculus. Looks good in drag. When he opens his mouth, pure clever spews out and penetrates all those who dare oppose him. He is the master of the universe.

also named "mr perfect" he is the sweetest nicest guy ever and he is drop dead gorgeous and sexy and has a very large penis hes great in bed and loves to be rough but at the same time dominated hes an all around amazing guy and the best at hockey
Dang, I wish I was like that Tor over there
"Jeremy's mine, bitch. Back off!" :)
by jeremytor July 21, 2010
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A Tor is a person who despite tons of evidence to the contrary, denies their Japanese heritage and usually refrains from eating dessert after meals.
Just Accept the fact that you are a Tor.
by Lesterbp April 16, 2009
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