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New upcoming Star Wars MMO being created by Bioware, bringing a fourth pillar to the genre not typically seen: story. With 8 classes (four on each side), each with their own individual story questline, the Republic and Empire are fighting it out 300 years after Knights of the Old Republic, but thousands of years before the Star Wars Saga were all familiar with.

This game has received numerous amounts of positive praise, even claims have arisen that this game will become the new #1 MMO, dethroning WoW after it's years of dominance. Others are denouncing it though, saying it will not live up to the expectations it's receiving, or it's just a WoW clone, etc.

(There are also those just complaining for a KotoR 3. Good luck with that.)

The game is to be released sometime within the second half of 2011. Pre-order is also available, in three different versions of the game. Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Collector's edition.
Side excited for Star Wars: The Old Republic: This game is going to own! Nothing says awesomesauce better than owning with a lightsaber!

Side against Star Wars: The Old Republic: This game is a WoW clone, it looks stupid, it's gonna be unrealistic and STOOPID... Do you think I'm cool? My mom says I'm cool.

Small group off to the side: We want Kotor 3!!!! *cricket silence*
by MMO Nerd August 26, 2011
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A reboot of the highly successful film "Titanic". With an even higher budget this time around, unfortunately this film just didn't live up to expectations as the group of producers at Bioware failed to deliver a movie as thrilling as the first, and reporters predict that ultimately this production will end up... well, you know. At the bottom of the ocean.
"Man, Star Wars: The Old Republic is such a steaming pile of shit."
by Kurisumasu January 10, 2012
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