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A female, usually muslim; A really pretty, sweet girl. She seems shy or quiet at first, but she's actually a crazy and cute person. She is hot, but cute. Sweet, but sassy. Smart and funny. Tall and Skinny. PERFECT. She is someone you can always count on and tell anything to. I'm in love with a Tooba and it is the best thing in the world. People make her seem like a bad person or say negative things about her, but they are just jealous. Tooba's are the most honest people in the world and they hate liars.
Tooba is perfect.
by DamnGirrrrlllllll August 14, 2014
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Female, Angel on earth, soul mate, cute, once you fall in love with her you feel like you can't breath with out hearing her voice, very hard to get.
she is a Tooba on earth, I wish she was mine.
by soul-mate for ever. February 13, 2010
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big brown eyes
nice ass
big boobs
good in bed
even better in person
clean freak
controls the party, but also makes it more fun
a true soul mate
if shes the girl next to you, infront of you, behind you....Don't let her go!
Tooba is one of those people who you feel like are the most trustworthy, honest, and true friend
by Ishouldbedoinghomeworkrightnow December 08, 2011
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A variant of schizophrenia that displays multiple yet very specific personalities. The first of which is an angry gerbil that attempts to intimidate those around her through variant squeaking noises, often claiming that "you wont like me when I'm mad." The second displays itself as an amnesic zombie, unable to hold human conversations. And the third, but most common is a bodacious babe, that is both plucky and sweet. Other variants include being a bird lawyer, the main source of transportation for large Italian plumbers, and as a brass instrument of a similar sounding name.
Guy 1: Dude look at that hot piece of ass...

Err why is she making that noise
Guy 2: Goddammit're not ah Tuba

Tooba: Aaararrgghhhashhh
Guy 1: Oh my god...this again
by Notatumah! July 10, 2013
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Tooba's are known for their mind games and foreplay. Good looking and extremely good in bed, they'll leave you with a broken heart. Also known as the Sexy Bitch of their era.
1. "Man, she was soo good in bed, I thought we had somethin in common!"
-- "That's Tooba for you."
2. "All there was were lies and cheating."
--"Told you, once a tooba always a Tooba."
by Jules456 February 04, 2010
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A firecracker, or otherwise also known as a "pattakah", this firecracker in form of a woman will ruin your life with her constant emo thoughts. This firecracker will lure you in with her cute charms and looks and when you least expect it BOOM she attacks and you are stuck in her lust with no way out.
BUT don't be fooled get her angry and she will end her little firecrakcer minions after you to ruin your life. Translated into hindi you could also call her : kameeni aurat.
- stop talking to me or I will shove a tooba up your butt
by rasstaman November 30, 2011
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