A derogatory term used to describe an Asian person trying to buy a car or some other large ticket item. They always say “too high” when a sales person tells them the price, no matter how low the price actually is.
Salesman 1: Hey, some Too Highs just walked in the front door.

Salesman 2: I'm not going to help them. They will just waste hours of my time too highin' me.
by FINDIR February 20, 2009
being really retarded stupid high because you smoked a lot of weed
Hey man i would drive home but im too high so fuck it im crashing here.
by Jesus Dirka-Lirka June 3, 2006
A statement that, while containing some truth, can be used as an excuse for virtually anything.
Person 1: You just cut that guy off and ran a red light!

Person 2: Gas is too high.

Wife: You were supposed to take me out to dinner today, but instead you're sitting there watching TV! Did you forget it was our anniversary?

Husband: Oh, erm... Gas is too high.

Guy 1: Dude, why did you drop out?

Guy 2: Gas is too high...

Guy 1: Instead of sitting there and playing RPGs all day, why don't you go out and meet a member of the opposite sex so you don't end up a virgin for life?

Guy 2: Gas is too high...
by DangitBobbeh123456789 May 1, 2011
When you smoke so much weed you are trippy af and no one knows what you are doing.
Snoop Dogg: Wibwubwibwub
Person: he is too high to see
by Matty Gam3r August 24, 2017
On October 18th, 2010, Jimmy McMillan debated on behalf of the "The Rent Is Too Damn High" party in the gubernatorial debate in NY.

His aim is to provide support to people who have lost jobs, help put a roof over their heads, and allow them to feed their families "breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

Jimmy McMillan is also a karate expert and a proponent of gay marriage.
I'm tryin' to feed my kids, but the rent is too damn high!
by monkeyweasel October 20, 2010
The political party where if you wanna marry a shoe, you can marry a shoe.
The representative for The Rent is Too Damn High Party, Jimmy McMillan, is the next Chuck Norris.
by AwesomeFacePwns October 25, 2010