1.) An uppity bitch
2.) Not wanting to go out somewhere, hang out, or answer the phone.
1.) Man that bitch is just too good.
2.) Fuck you too good mother fucker, too good to come to lunch.
by CP November 18, 2004
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Too good means something is very epic, sexually attractive, or anything positive.
Wow that sex was too good
by Uncle Big Brain January 4, 2022
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Someone who is always well-behaved and never does anything wrong!
Emily Stonecipher is too good! She has never done anything wrong in her entire life! Shes a goodie-goodie!
by Miss Britney! June 26, 2011
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shows sincere appreciation towards something you'd/not expect to be satisfactory.
that match was too good-
yesterday's show was too good-
ahhhh man ur riffs and runs are too good-
by Whoo.sh May 3, 2021
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When something amazing out of the blue happens and you are happy but then you get suddenly suspicious.
Girl 1: "oh my gosh today i won 1,000,000 dollars then met the president all in one day" !
Girl 2: "Wow, that is awesome..." -_-
Girl1: "It is too good to be true"
by YoursTruelyNiki February 26, 2012
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Clear statement about intelect, capability and sheer strength of divine being called Otto by all mortals. Often followed by punishment from Otto since he doesn't believe in himself.
"He has won gold last year", "Yea i know, Otto too good".
"It only took him 30 minutes", "Well, Otto too good".
by Babushkax420 May 3, 2022
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To completely understand the meaning of this phrase, you must imagine what it would feel like to be slowly disintegrated by the one and only, Thanos.
Iron Man: Don't go!
SpiderMan: Mr. Stark, I'm not feeling too good...
by Infernape_Rox_77 May 22, 2018
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