the emmission of a small drop of pre-semen at the tip of ones bell during the early stages of arousal.
"when margaret entered the drawing room in that fetching blouse, i couldn't help beading"
by Tom Pullan July 05, 2004
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Chronic sweating for no apparent reason - the beads roll down one's forhead like a waterfall. Discolouration of the armpit area on the shirt is a common occurence.
Ash: Mate, you got a bead on?
Henry: Mote, discolourage!!
Ash: Muh!
Henry: Mate, it's so bad, it feels like the Atlantic in here!
by Choirboy69 January 08, 2007
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An object you are fascinated by and/or a flashy object.
Ex.1 "Hey Andi, I like yo beads"
Ex.2 Jesse:"That girl has really sexy eyes."
Ben:"Yeah, they're total beads."
by Sydney09326 May 14, 2008
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Bead: Synonym of cool, tight, good, sweet, rad, awesome.

Can be used in conversation as "bead", "beadin", "beady", or even "beadalicious"

The antonym is "anti-bead"
Example 1: "Damn, this weed is beadin"

Example 2: "Harry Potter is BEAD"
by Caitlinlin November 14, 2010
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Anyone who really pisses you off, or is just stupid in general
Also, anyone who smells like ass.
Anal Bead
anal beading
Anal Beads
(After Johnny spills his drink all over your lap)
Johnny, you're such a fuckin' bead!
by Bead Master February 23, 2005
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