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the emmission of a small drop of pre-semen at the tip of ones bell during the early stages of arousal.
"when margaret entered the drawing room in that fetching blouse, i couldn't help beading"
by Tom Pullan July 05, 2004
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1: Making necklaces or bracelets out of beads
2: A ritual in the Samburu culture in which 20-year-old grown men put a bead bracelet on 6-year-old girls which represents that the girl has been booked for them to marry later on. After they put on their bracelets, the grown men rape the 6-year-old girls in a sign that the girl is theirs.
Harry man: Hmm, I think I'll choose this one to bead for the beading. (Hump Hump)
6-year-old girl: Ow
by Mr. Kakalaka June 02, 2018
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