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That one Samoan looking Latino guy that looks cute and always attracts black ,white, and Asian women but can be intimidating at times.he can be weird and perverted at times but is an overall nice guy to be around with and very loving.also person that makes you forget about your boyfriend or husband or boy toy because having one on one convos with him makes u think and makes you wanna leave a bad relationship to get with him though it feels wrong what’s a grown woman to do around this guy.he gives a bad vibe at times but never towards you though you could feel killing intent from him,he is normally mad about something else or someone that wronged and stole what is rightfully his.its always hard to tell if he’s fit,chubby,or fit-chubby at times with the clothes he wears but he’s still attractive in certain aspects
Girl1:is that the new guy we’re working with?
Girl2:yea his name is Arnold

Girl1:he’s kinda cute how old is he
Girl2:idk ask him yourself

Girl1: I will but he looks like he has a gf
Girl2:not really he’s single as a dollar bill go for it or I will
by Howdareu July 27, 2019

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The biggest racist literally pedophile asshole to work with in general that thinks he controls everything just because he’s a master mason at some lodge organizing people to stalk and harass young Latino or Samoan kids that did nothing wrong except expressing their opinions they hate freemasonry.
Guy1:did you hear what Alan whitty did to the new kid they are working with in security

Guy2:yeah I’m apart of the harassment they call it gangstalking,but I fucking hate it the kid did nothing wrong
Guy1:I know fuck Alan whitty he needs to get exposed or killed
Guy2:exposure yes but killed naw bro the kid will murk him when he gets older but if Alan whitty calls it all off then him and his family should live I guess because I heard the kids training to kill them like Rambo style
by Howdareu July 27, 2019

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A beautiful woman that you could fall head over heels for that has an awesome personality
Guy 1:who is that walking over there??
Guy2:oh her, that’s tonia dude
Gu1: give me min I will be right back
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by Howdareu August 24, 2019

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Some 20 something year old fat black guy with a little wang
Guy1:yo did hear about Duane bro?
Guy2:yeah I heard he tried to have sex with his boss to get promoted but he couldn’t satisfy her

Guy1:that’s sad
Guy2:well that’s why she’s still married
by Howdareu July 27, 2019

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A dirty Latina with big tits and ass that had weird sexual fantasies about her half aunts sons and non cousins, by visiting them always wanting to suck or touch their dick without her boyfriend massel or family knowing.normally the Juliet is of South American decent or Mexican but I will guess Hispanic in general because she could be Central American, she could probably have tattoos that vary between goddess or divine to which describes how good are her blowjobs they’re literally divine.you could sometimes find sex video of her on xnxx or something.whats interesting is she could be graduate of high school or college but no one will know her dirty secret she kept hidden for years.
Girl1:did you hear what Juliet did on her vacation to see her cousins
Girl2:yea she tried to see her cousins cock
Girl1:yea that’s so gross that’s incest shit, but how do you know??
Girl2:I just know okay and, actually no in the Bible god allows cousins to have marriage and sex she could have sex with those cousins if she wants because they aren’t considered actual first cousins either it’s just she can’t have sex with aunts,uncles,grandparents,or mother or father or step parents in this case because those are considered incest also because of the marriage rule so learn to read dumbass
by Howdareu August 06, 2019

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Skinny Russian guy with a little penis that lets his gay guy friends and other people sleep in his mother apartment so he could masturbate to something when they are asleep
Guy1:hey Mikey you awake
Guy2:roger I’m trying to sleep
Guy 1:well look babe I think we should sleep in the living room I think Damian is masturbating to us sleeping like his at the corner of his couch bed thing heavily breathing

Guy2:fine but don’t stare at his moms huge tits since you’re BIsexual
by Howdareu October 21, 2019

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