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The preeminent leader in all industries. He'll smite you with his great power. He is the greatest person to live and is totally awesome in his music. Legend has it that suicidal people that listen to him became dominant figures in world history. Listening to him gives rise in your power and makes you want to live on the darkest days just by listening to his music. Tongo is an alternative to the popular word "god" and is actually higher than the word god itself. There is no word else to describe him other than tongo- this is how great he is, you cannot compare him to anything else. If he were ranked, he'd be higher than universe destroyer. Concisely, listening to tongo is worth all your time and your life would change greatly because of it. Reccomendation: watch pumped up kicks by tongo and rap god by tongo. Legend has it that each of his flabs equals to how many universes he has conquered. He is the kind of person everyone loves and wants to be in a relationship with
Damn! I wish Tongo was my boyfriend! My boy friend should be more Tongo....
by thesavagecripplewhomstisavage October 16, 2018
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Its the new awesome. What one might say when congratulating a friend on getting laid. Or what one might say after a parkway drive concert.

/b/= tongo


Nickleback= not tongo
Jill, you are looking extra beautiful and tongo today.
by I LOVE JILL! June 15, 2011
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