A large and plump ass worn by a male.
Girl one: Man he has a nice ass.

Girl two: What a tomlinson.
by theaccent October 13, 2013
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Someone who is obese, but swears they’re not fat. They frequently boast about athletic achievements that are clearly exaggerated.
That guys a Tomlinson, if you ask me. He always talks about running marathons, but he probably weighs 300 pounds.
by James Heffner September 1, 2020
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(Adj.) Mannerisms such as Louis Tomlinson's; a characteristic such as flawless, perfect, spunky, fiery, mischievious, wild, or insane
"Everyone's jealous of Grimmy."
"Because he's, like, completely Tomlinson. Duh."
by Sadeem Stylinson May 23, 2013
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(tom-lin-suhn) - VERB

To drop an object in a manor likely to cause injury to a coworker.
"Dude, watch it! you just tomlinsoned me with that CO2 tank!
by Crowdsurfer February 7, 2010
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A person with a large, bowling ball chrome type head.
A bald female would be a tomlinsonette.
look how shiny that guys head is, he's a complete tomlinson!
by Moonbeam111 February 6, 2008
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very very very very very very very very very very very cool kid a tomlinson gets all the bitches and will be friends with a paul
holy shit that kid is cool!
yeah he is a total tomlinson
by libtard11 January 24, 2019
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The combination of penile AND testicular agenesis

Those with Tomlinsonism are also known to pee out of their butts and fart into the vagina of their wives to achieve sexual satisfaction
Because of his Tomlinsonism, Patrick S. Tomlinson needs to fart in Niki's vagina to climax
by BojanglesTheKittyCat November 28, 2020
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