louis tomlinson is straight up the bravest man, no the bravest person alive.
louis tomlinson deserves the world
by i hate this world October 25, 2020
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the SUN. the literal light of this world. the thing that lights up the sky every single morning. the man we would all commit arson for. the man who you can hardly understand. the man with insane cheekbones. the man who treats his fans like old friends, like he’s known them his whole life. the man who has NOT ONE skippable song. the man we all go silent for.
a stupid MAN: what the fvck is that ! ouch it’s hurting my eyes !!
me: oh my god THATS LOUIS TOMLINSON !! my king, you may now have my hand in marriage . i love you .
by thatlarriebitch January 14, 2021
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singer from doncaster. talented and handsome as hell. he's the most lovely person
treats his fans like friends<3
his debut album 'Walls' is out NOW! go stream it
stan louis tomlinson
by florchis February 12, 2020
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louis is the center of the universe, and carries the entire music industry on his back. also harry styles husband.
“did you see harry holding olivia wilde’s hand today?!”

“yeah, that’s fake asf bro. he’s been with louis tomlinson for 10 years. still together, still going strong.”
by larryisreal2828282828 February 11, 2021
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The absolute fucking KING of the world. No one dear cross him. Founder of sass and Liam-hating. Stream Defenceless.

Bow to the motherfucking king y'all
Person 1: Oh yeah, Louis Tomlinson, he's king shit bro

Person 2: We been knew
by sunnyhasachance February 21, 2021
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the center of our very own solar system aka. the sun
person1: did you see the sun was out yesterday ?
person2: i'm pretty sure i didn't see louis tomlinson, but okay
by streamwalls July 26, 2020
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