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A phrase used by stoners to say they are throwing away the roach or a blunt or joint (or any other thing you were desperate enough to roll weed in) in tribute to the "weed fairies"

The phrase originated from the idea that there are "weed fairies" and they smoke pot as well and bless weed crops/sacks. However, unlike humans, they cannot plant marijuana seeds. So in return for them blessing their weed, stoners throw the roach of a blunt or joint away and say "to the fairies" and then when they leave, the weed fairies take the small amounts of weed they couldn't smoke and they plant that instead. And that's how they grow their own weed to smoke.

It can also be used as a question directed at potheads in your circle to confirm that nobody wants to hit the roach.
Normal Use

1: "This roach is pretty much done."
- Tosses tiny roach-
1: "To the fairies"

As a Question
1: "This roach is pretty much done. To the fairies?"
2: "Yeah"
3: "Yup"
by HahaStoner June 16, 2012
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