Tm means trust me. It is used to show that you agree with something someone says.
Luke: OMG! Claire takes so long getting dressed
Jack: Tm fam, what does she do for that long
by Boombear February 23, 2018
kristine: bring me my stuff tm
cath: okay i will
by mocey February 8, 2022
A term usually used in a game called RuneScape, describing a good/win person
Idiot 1: wow did you see that tm guy
Idiot 2: yeah he was fucking ownage
by xtmx5 December 31, 2010
The move = (the spot / place to go)
“Miami tm!🤪”

“Busch Gardens tm for today😌”
by Wildly_wavvy🤪 March 26, 2019
‘’text me’’
‘’Bestie tm in a minute’’
by dreambabyy July 15, 2019
An abbreviation for "too much swag." To be used when someone displays too much swag. In other words, the person is just too damn cool, is rocking some awesome kicks, and just has that swagger! This person can only be described as having TMS: too much swag!
*Jay-Z walks into the room with a black shirt, black jeans, all black everything.*

Man says: look at jay-z!! TMS!
by dannyoni January 26, 2011
aye-caramba TMS
by quinoaforlunch October 25, 2016