Tix were a currency in Roblox untill it's termination on April 14, 2016. Players were given 10 Tix a day, which they could use to purchase items in the catalog or to convert into Robux.
1. Yeah I miss tix too, nobody really needed to buy Robux back then.
2. I bought this hat for Tix when they still had them. Ever since they removed Tix the hat became a limited.
by Epicbred July 14, 2019
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1. Tickets, usually a term used in texts or chat rooms
2. The currency Roblox removed which was for players with out Builders Club
1. I got tix 4 movies, pick u up at 5
2. RIP tix, you will be missed
by No Username Found April 18, 2017
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Tix is a Short name of Tickets and it was an Currency of Roblox until it was remove in April 14, 2016 and some people talking why tix is removed
Im sad because Tix was removed in roblox :(
by TheiIHQQ December 10, 2019
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The old yellow and orange secondary currency that Roblox used to give for free everyday, but decided to remove. So little kids now have to steal their parents credit cards to buy hats and other stuff on Roblox.
1. Man, I can’t believe Roblox decided to remove tix. I had over 500 of it.

2. That hat I want to buy costs 5 Robux, or only 50 tix.
by That r4ndom person May 04, 2019
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someone who is a poet at times
can be dead and alive all at once
most commonly found looking for aaccidd's house
Man: tix is so wise
Woman: it's a shame he is dead tho
Man: that's not true I saw him looking for aaccidd's house
by LSB-Sandbar March 10, 2021
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'Tix' means 'Robux' (Currency in Roblox). 20 Tix = 1 Robux. Tix isn't used now or forever.
I just bought some Tix
by Subscribe to OrbiterC! March 04, 2021
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To tix - The act of moving ones body in a rythm similar to that of dancing.
I'm gona go out and tix a little, wanna come?
by Aue April 25, 2011
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