"Got the tix 4 the game r u rdy?"

"u bet"
by AbnormalBoy May 12, 2004
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"I have tix for opening day"
by Shrekt738 January 11, 2017
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similar to layby concept, but its a verbal agreement normally
You have to pay someone back for the goods at some point which is normally between mates
could be a burger, a pack of smokes
Normally not more than $50 or so
Friend#1: How did you get that new CD i though you were broke till next week?
Friend#2: Yea i got it on tix, my mate works there
by Sonnyhood January 28, 2010
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(tick-see) n. anything that's similar to myspace or facebook etc. Usually used in place of saying something like " I"m gonna go home and check my Facebook and my Myspace"'
Whatcha doin?

I'm checking up on my tixes
by soul powah June 5, 2010
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A person who backs out on activity after making a committment to it, often turning back just outside his or her front door.
Anthony was going to come to the bar tonight, but then he decided to just go play guitar like a tix.
by WCH3 May 2, 2006
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u have swagger but on a whole other level
somebody: *has cool shirt*

you: tix
by Josh Mcgordon February 7, 2021
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Old Roblox currency that everyone says bring back even though it's shitty
by jorlannn October 30, 2019
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