3 definitions by TheiIHQQ

Tix is a Short name of Tickets and it was an Currency of Roblox until it was remove in April 14, 2016 and some people talking why tix is removed
Im sad because Tix was removed in roblox :(
by TheiIHQQ December 10, 2019
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Robux is a Virtual game money on roblox , used to buy gamepasses, gears, shirts and pants, etc.
ill buy a Gravity Coil for 250 Robux
by TheiIHQQ December 2, 2019
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a black bald kid that plays Minecraft and always getting slapped
Ya Playing Minecraft, i like ya cut g (Proceeds to slap G)
G: - Confused Screaming -
by TheiIHQQ October 13, 2020
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