The underdog of first-person shooters.

Titanfall was made by the old Call of Duty devs when COD was still good.
Titanfall features a unique futuristic movement system, wall-running, sliding and double jumping all while momentum based. Titanfall features massive robots which fall from the sky in a massive ball of fire and then hit the ground with a satisfying bang.
Titanfall has revitalised the dying FPS industry.
Unlike other first-person shooters, Call of Duty & Battlefield, Titanfall 2 offers all its users free DLC, all new maps and weapons are free to every player, meaning when you buy the game you get the full game. The only micro-transactions are cosmetic skins and are not Pay to Win.
Titanfall deserves so much appreciation for its innovation and dedicated team behind it.
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1. A series of first-person shooter games consisting of Titanfall and Titanfall 2.

2. The act of a titan - a giant mech suit controlled by trained soldiers called "pilots" - dropping from the sky, ready for combat in the previously mentioned Titanfall games.
1. "Hey, do you want to play Titanfall at 16:00?"
"I don't own Titanfall, but I do own Titanfall 2"

2. "Good work, pilot! Prepare for Titanfall!"
by Bubblebody April 15, 2021
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Missionary but standing while sucking both tits and always ends with the guy Cuming inside
Him:you wanna titanfall

Her:but ill get pregnant
by HALFJAW May 24, 2020
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When a woman does a hand stand naked and the guy jumps off the bed and insert his penis into the vagina.
Is Titanfall a sex position?
by GreaterJeans83 October 5, 2019
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hanging from a high, precarious position(i.e bridge) and crouching while looking over everything. A mark of true badassery
Jim was titanfalling over a cliff but he fell!
by TheUrbanFricktionary November 12, 2014
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The greatest game to ever hit the market. Exclusive to Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Release date is March 11th, 2014 for Xbox One. I've already ordered the bundle, you should too. FIRST game that makes the One worth purchasing. Winner of over 60 awards at 2013 E3. Seriously; this is the game COD wishes it could be.
I was contemplating purchasing Microsofts' new console after seeing the launch trailer displaying an awesome game unlike anything I've ever seen before, but when I realized "Titanfall" was being pushed back to a March release for fear of being just another inclusion in the crappy Xbox One launch lineup, I decided to wait until they inevitably bundled it with the console. Now I get a $60 game worth playing for free. Xbox One is justified paying for now.
by B4BYL0NtheGREAT March 7, 2014
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Titanfall 2 is an amazing first person shooter with an astonishing single player campaign and an exciting, fastpaced multiplayer. It is gory though.
Bro, I couldn't stop playing titanfall 2, the campaign is so hard but addictive. The multiplayer also is very good.
by Andrew Costello Maclean April 20, 2017
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