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The underdog of first-person shooters.

Titanfall was made by the old Call of Duty devs when COD was still good.
Titanfall features a unique futuristic movement system, wall-running, sliding and double jumping all while momentum based. Titanfall features massive robots which fall from the sky in a massive ball of fire and then hit the ground with a satisfying bang.
Titanfall has revitalised the dying FPS industry.
Unlike other first-person shooters, Call of Duty & Battlefield, Titanfall 2 offers all its users free DLC, all new maps and weapons are free to every player, meaning when you buy the game you get the full game. The only micro-transactions are cosmetic skins and are not Pay to Win.
Titanfall deserves so much appreciation for its innovation and dedicated team behind it.
Rest in peace Call of Duty.
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An internet project thought up by the Labour Party of Australia, where Fibre Optic cable was used to connect Australia to the internet. Soon though was ruined by a dickhead by the name of Malcolm Turnbull who said we didn't need fibre and instead recycled the old copper internet.
The National Broadband Network is a piece of shit.
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Numerous government policies that take away a people's childhood in exchange for useless information being shoved down your throats and then you being forced to regurgitate it back up for no apparent reason other than it is apparently 'needed'.
90% of the useless crap you 'learn' in school, you won't use anyway, so just ignore it. Of course, don't completely dismiss it since employers might want it, though, focus on the thing at school that interests you the most. If you love drama and acting, then spend your time on that and only slightly focus on everything else.
90% of your education, you won't use, but people think it's important anyway.
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A man with the last name, usually teased because his name partially rhymes with Fat.
Hey Fatkins
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