1: To stand on the tips of your toes and walk as a notion of stealth

2: to "Get Some"

3: A Term for someone who dances well

4: A word in which there is no cool way to say
1: Sam Fisher was on his tippy toes on his latest mission

2: She gives me all the Tippy Toes I Need

3: Look at that tippy toes. Fuck ballet

Christian Mu: I'm a big biker and I had to tippy toe my way past the cop

Alex Johnson: That was an incredibly gay word
by Christian Mu March 8, 2008
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The name of an infamous 3 foot 2 inch midget who frequents dance clubs. Tippy Toes is known for his 'Tippy Toe' dance move where while dancing with a female dance partner wearing a skirt or dress, will proceed to dance up underneath the skirt or dress and get on his Tippy Toes to perform oral favors.
"Did you see Tippy Toes tippy toe that ho?"

"Yeah, it looked like she really was enjoying it."
by Roast Beefin January 17, 2013
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The look a man receives from a woman that indicates her willingness to fornicate.
Joe and Greg received tippy toes at the bar from the wide-hipped blonde.
by Dabblers November 15, 2007
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The art of dancing behind a taller person when the taller person decides to not squat down while getting their grind on. The shorter partner must stand on their tippy toes in order to line up with the other partners ass, while yelling the phrase "tippy toe that hoe!"
"Damn, that girl is so tall! Looks like I'm gonna have to tippy toe that hoe tonight."

"So I was dancing with a midget last night and he kept screaming ""Tippy toe that hoe"" rude."
by Chel$ April 4, 2011
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A toilet that is so high when you sit on it only the tips of your toes can touch the floor.
In the handicap stall they typically have tippy toe toilets.
by slamher November 16, 2017
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A person who prefers to use the difficult art of strutting his stuff whilst walking on the very tips of his toes, than walking with a normal gait.
Look at the clip of yer man, walking on his Tippy Toes
by Boycies Da May 6, 2021
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