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Johnson is the drummer for the band, The Cab. He seems quiet and shy but once you get to know him, he's hilarious. He's characterized by his long hair. He's mostly known as Johnson because there are 3 alex's in The Cab. Overall, Johnson is a really sweet guy. Go say hi to him when you see them on tour!
That's Alex Johnson, hes awesome!
by haileylovesyouuuu July 10, 2010
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Alex Johnson is a little pubescent FuCk that should have hit puberty 3 years ago, but the little dude is still growing... pubes and everything. We love him very much and wish him the best and we support him through his hard times ( not that hard tho, little buddy only lasts 3 seconds).
Alex Johnson just called me a monkey!
IKR he called me a hungry hungry hippo!

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