14 definitions by Mister_Douve

A candle from the arse; a turd.
After a large steak dinner Andrew spent the morning delivering a huge arse candle.
by Mister_Douve May 2, 2003
Named after the Talking Heads song of the same name. Have evolved from angst-fuelled noise/driblings into a kind of a post Floyd sideshow.
by Mister_Douve May 7, 2003
Needless conjunction of the mild profanity Shit and what is considered to be the worst, Cunt into an single phrase.
by Mister_Douve May 7, 2003
A Homosexual; Defived from the cod-Geordie phrase 'Heemer-sexual'
That Dave was looking at my arse all night, Man , I think he's a heemer, like
by Mister_Douve May 7, 2003
Derogatory term: One who shares similarities to vagrants such as mannerisms, smell, meths/White Lightning consumption or behaviour.
That Dave is a right scuffer.
by Mister_Douve May 6, 2003
Convenient concatenation and curtailment of ‘Cheers’ and ‘Mate’ to form a single phrase when being delivered something whist sat in a comfy chair.

Extra bonus points are available on the rebound for anything that rhymes such as Lemur, Femur or Heemer.
Dave: Here's your cup of tea!
Andrew: Oh, Cheema!
by Mister_Douve May 6, 2003