When somebody has a sick sports car, but the dude driving it is as ugly as fuck, so he tints the windows so still he gets all the female attention.
Girl 1: Oooo look at that hott 350Z driving by!

Girl 2: (as he gets closer) Uuuhh! But look at the guy driving it!

Girl 1: Uuuh yeah your right, he needs to get tinted windows, that's for sure!
by Scalcar April 25, 2009
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a guy fucks a girl doggy style in front of a window then pulls out and lets his friend take over without the girl knowing then the original guy sneaks out and walks by the open window and waves at the girl
"you should've seen the look on that girl's face when we tinted windowed her!"
by The Lube Dogg July 30, 2003
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Oh shit, Bob. There appears to be a car approaching us with tinted windows. Let's get the fuck out of here before we get shot.
by seth rogen's anal beads August 20, 2008
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When one spooges on a female or male's eyeglasses.
I forgot my condoms last night so when I had to pull out I panicked and totally started window tinting Sheila.
by Todetta October 26, 2011
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To black someones eyes by punching them in the face
Keep playing wit me Laya Im gonna tint your windows.

That nigga came in late from the strip club so I tinted his windows.

Man #1: Hey man why is she wearing them dark shades?

Man #2: I caught her wit anotha dude and I tinted her windows.
by JMayBay March 14, 2008
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Student: Here's my assignment. I know it looks like a blank page, but I wrote it in invisible ink.
Teacher: Damn! It's more invisible than a black man in a car with tinted windows at 3AM! I wish I could give you an A+, but I can't mark it. You fail.
by UrbanPrick February 19, 2011
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Commonly used on white vans with typically a male rapist inside and allows for people not to see whay is going on inside
Josh: Yo did you see that white van roll by?
Kim:Yeah it had tinted windows.
Josh:i wonder whays going on in there
by WassupMyNiggA September 25, 2016
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