Someone who throws shoes at other people, and is obsessed with video games. also types abnormally. Named for the smallest mind in the universe: 6000 times smaller than an atom.
Timmy threw a Shoe at mem
omg look at how he types, he's such a timmy
by Juniperilly August 16, 2017
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What you shout to your friend should he be called Timmy
Yo! TIMMY! Hey, it's TIMMY!
by Snake July 12, 2004
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Timmy is a guy who basically gets any girl he wants and gives the BEST sex a girl could ever wish for. Usually he'll use his amazing charm and looks to make you feel like he wants to be with you but once he gets what he wants hes done.
AND he'll tell you he loves you but he doesnt because he only loves his stupid skinny "perfect" middle school sweetheart. A Timmy also thinks he runs shit and needs to learn that just cause your hot and "street smart" doesnt mean anything
"Alex must be retarded to think she can tame a Timmy"

"Your from danville, stop acting like a Timmy"
by goodluck9526 August 10, 2008
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The best , cutest boy you will ever meet.
With a great sense of humor.
He will make you fall in love with just a smile, girls go crazy over him
via giphy
by I'm a boy July 09, 2018
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A Timmy is an absolute madman with zero morals and no dignity, they will do anything for a couple bucks.
"Dude Timmy just stole that chicks wig!"

"I know I gave him 10 bucks to do it."
by RatSoupThiccy April 17, 2019
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A Timmy is a serial pest to all woman. Does not take no for an answer. A Timmy will try every trick in the book to weasel his way into a girls pants. Often plays the deaf card but can hear perfectly when it suits the Timmy.
Girl "I have a sore back"
Timmy "I'll give you a massage, my room 15 minutes, bring the coco butter"
Girl " For the 50th time 'no', you are such a Timmy"
Timmy "Sorry, was that a yes?"
by Dog balls May 13, 2013
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