One of the most amazing guys you'll ever meet. He's kind, funny, loyal, cute, and just someone you can go to if you're having a bad day. He's a gentleman and treats his girlfriend (who loves him so much and is extremely lucky to have him) like a princess. Family means everything to him and there's no doubt about it that he'd be an AMAZING dad someday. He loves sports, but football is his absolute favorite. He has a teddy-bear-like disposition making him liked by almost everybody and earning him the nickname 'care bear' (Timmy Bear from his girlfriend). He's definitely one of a kind and is someone you want to keep in your life forever <3
Timmy's girlfriend: what did I ever do to deserve Timmy? <3
by gabybearbyrheart August 10, 2016
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1. The most amazing boyfriend one could ever wish for.
2. Someone who lives too far away, and who i miss dearly.
Timmy: Cuddle, cuddle
Me: i wish i could love...more than anything...
i love you <3 <3
by MRious April 14, 2011
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what us "canunks" call Tim Hortan's coffee shop
lets go get some timmy's before class starts
by Michael Beverly November 26, 2003
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Timmy is the nicest guy you will ever meet. The moment you see him your heart stops. Hes all you ever wanted and more. He is smart and just PERFECT.
Im so in love with Timmy
by OmgLikeTotally February 18, 2011
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The nicest, caring, hottest boy you'll meet. He's loyal to his friends. He hides from his fears, especially asking out his crush. He'll do whatever it takes to have a good reputation. He is liked by most and is a total ladies man. Get yourself a timmy.
Joe: Man i wish i was timmy. He has so many girls
by spidermandies June 23, 2018
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will turn you lesbian. has a 1 inch punisher and will give you 0 plesure avoid timmy's at all cost.
that guy is such a timmy.
by lesbialover420blaze______ July 05, 2019
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The act of doing something really retarded, and then making it seem like he meant to do that, or as if it's not his fault for doing something stupid
Allison: Haha that kid just fell down
Bob: Did he seriously just trip down the stairs
Allison: Yeah he pulled a timmy
Bob: Haha what an idiot
by FCTSFunnyGuy January 07, 2010
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